October 2016

Mr. Youd's Class


Mr. Youds class had a great day! So much fun!

Mr. Youd even found a long lost "friend!"

East Meadows Staff On Halloween

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This is just a few pictures of the amazing halloween costumes that were at East Meadows today!

Thanks to all the volunteers who came and helped out in all the classrooms today!

We appreciate all that you do for our school and all the support you give to us!

Utah Valley Student of the Week: Sophie Beck


Sophie Beck, 10, is from Spanish Fork and attends fifth grade at East Meadows Elementary. She was selected by Nebo School District to be the Daily Herald's Utah Valley Student of the Week.

She is always willing to help others in the school and is a friend and example to those around her. She makes sure others have what they need and is positive to those around her. She works hard on her school work and even when things are hard for her, she never gives up.

Sophie enjoys dance, art, piano, climbing trees and riding bikes. Shehas won a number of dance trophies and is an excellent dance soloist.

Sophie would like to grow up to be a lawyer.

Sophie is the youngest of five kids. She has friends of all ages and knows how to take charge in any situation. She has always had a positive attitude and has overcome some difficult health problems that many might not even have known she was struggling with.

Sophie loves everything and always finds the positive in any situation.



Go For The Gold - October

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Our Gold Medal Winners for October were recognized in an assembly for being outstanding students at our school! We have the best students at East Meadows!

Picture order - Kindergarten thru 6th grade.


2nd Grade Pumpkins


Our 2nd Graders are so creative!  The students picked these pumpkins on their field trip last week, then took them home and decorated them however they liked! They did a great job! The pumpkins look awsome! We love our students:)

Book Fair


Don't forget East Meadow's Book Fair!

Egypt Walk

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Our 6th grade students had their Egypt Walk last Friday. 

The students have been studying about Egypt and the made some kind of display or item that represented some of the things that they learned in this unit.

They had their items on display for parents and the other students to walk through the classrooms and see. The students did such a great job!

They really enjoy this unit.

6th Grade

Mrs. Lyman's students acting out hieroglyphics from their Egypt Unit

GAINS at East Meadows



Mrs. Johnson uses the drum to direct students for a dance warm up.Mrs. Cropper gets students moving at the beginning of a dance session.Students have been dancing as they learn this week at East Meadows Elementary.  3rd graders used dance and movement to introduce multiplication and how it relates to addition and groupings. 4th graders learned about abstraction.  They used abstracted movement to express their opinions on whether or not going to a Haunted Houses is a good idea.   5th graders danced VERBS and ADVERBS.  Can you happily explode, frantically reach, or dig deep like they did?   6th graders enriched their understanding of Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics as they created and presented their own Hieroglyphic messages through stillness and motion.