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Love and Logic Flyer

Reflection Theme this year is "The World Would Be a Better Place If . . . .   Information and Forms for Reflections

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Family Guide for 2014-15

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6th Grade Egypt Museum


The sixth grade held their Egypt Walk on Wednesday, October 15, 2014.  This event is a culmination of their unit on Egypt. Students made projects at home to show off the things they had learned.  They made sarcophagi, canopic jars, crooks and flails, sphinxes and pyramids made from clay, candy, cereal, wood, Lego’s and other such mediums.  They transformed their classrooms into tiny museums.  They made Egypt’s flag. They drew cross sections of pyramids. They wrote reports on the process of mummification. They learned how to make papyrus.

Back to School Box Tops Drive raised over $800!

By: Nicole Norris

A big THANK YOU from the PTA to everyone at East Meadows for participating in our Back to School Box Tops Drive for this school year 2014-15.  Together every class helped raise over $800 for our school just from collecting Box Tops!  Along with our last School’s Out Box Tops Drive from May 2014, our school brought in $1508.40 simply by cutting out and saving Box Tops from your every day purchases!  

Kindergarten learns about our community!

The Kindergarten classes learned about different aspects of our community.  They heard from Officer Warner.  He talked to them about being safe on the streets this Halloween season.  The students promised to be safe and follow the rules Officer Warner talked to them about.  They went outside and were able to get inside the police car, watch the flashing lights and hear the siren.  The fire truck was going to come also but got called out.  To top off the day they learned how to make pizza from Two Jack's Pizza.