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Students & Parents:  Join in the fun in celebrating our All-Star Teachers & Staff this week!  On Wednesday, we ask that the students wear their favorite teach colors, jersery, or logo to join in the All-Star fun!

April Reading Calendar

If you have not registered your student for Kindgergarten for the 2015-2016 school year please stop by the stopthe school.  Be prepared to bring the following to register your student:

There are two March reading calendars for different programs.  Be sure to fill out each one with the requirements for reading by the end of the month.  The Seven Peaks calendar need BOTH PAGES SIGNED!

Seven Peaks

PTA Newsletter-February-March

The free application and reduced lunch is now on line. 

Family Guide for 2014-15

Map of Safe Walking Routes to East Meadows

Nebo Calendar for 2014-2015 School Year










Central Bank Teaches 4th Grade About Banking


Central Bank taught the fourth grade about the in's and out's of banking today.  They learned about Saving's Accounts, Checking Accounts, Loans, Mortgages and Deposits. They completed a goal sheet as if they wanted to earn money for a particular item and how they could earn and pay for it.   Thank you Mrs. Fry and Mrs. Hardy from Central Bank!

1st Grade Field Trip

The first grade students visited the Spanish Fork Fire Station, the Spanish Fork Police Station, Cal-Ranch store and Costco on Friday, April 17 for their spring field trip.  The fire station was a favorite.  They saw baby bunnies, chicks and ducks at Cal-Ranch.  The ate a picnic lunch at North Park.  Costco gave them ice cream while visiting their store. Thank you to all the parent volunteers that attended and helped out.  

3rd Grade Market

The third grade students became little entrepreneurs on April 3, 2014 for their 3rd Grade Market.  They had the opportunity to learn a little about commerce.  They have been earning and saving “play” money for good classroom behavior.  All the students offered some sort of goods or service.  Some of the items for sale were:  food, small trinkets and toys and an assortment of games to play, some even offered fingernail painting.   They each got to take the money they have earned and spend it anyway they want.  It was a fun and educational experience.