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If you have not enrolled your student yet please stop by the office to do so. Please bring with you the following:

*Birth Certificate
*Immunization Record (Even if not complete for Kindgergarten)
* Proof of Residency

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5th Grade Study States


Our 5th grade classes have been busy learning all about the United States.

They were assigned a state and had to research the state, write a report on the state, and make a diorama.

They were very creative and they learned so much!

3rd Grade Track Results


Girls 400 Meter - 1st  Audrey Woolston

Boys 400 Meter - 3rd  Jake Jensen

Girls 200 Meter - 3rd Audrey Woolston, 1st Linnea Simpson

Boys 200 Meter - 1st Dallin Manning

Girls 100 Meter - 6th Audrey Panter, 4th Stephanie Lomenick, 3rd Sofie Rosenvall,

                             1st Linnea Simpson

Boys 100 Meter - 1st Dallin Manning

Boys 50 Meter - 1st Jonas Gardner

Maceys School Cents


We would like to thank Maceys for the generous donation! It was amazing.

Remember parents to sign up for the " School Cents" through Maceys on line it really adds up!

We appreciate the support Maceys gives to us!


6th Grade Track Results

100 Meter:Boys:2nd McKay Peery   Girls:1st Allie Fryer4th Itzel Valdez6th Haydn McMillian200 Meter:Boys:6th Kaleb FelandGirls:1st Allie Fryer5th Haydn McMillian400 Meter:Hailey Campbell and Kaleb Feland 3rd800 Meter3rd Camryn MarshallLong Jump2nd Allie Fryer1st McKay PeerySoftball Throw3rd Liberty SimonsRelayGirls took 2nd    Allie Fryer    Ally Jones    Staci Lomenick    Haydn McMillianBoys took 3rd    Ajani Mims    McKay Peery    Ryan Flake    Kaleb Feland