November 2021

Black Out Poetry

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The 5th graders had a special opportunity to learn about a fun form of poetry called Blackout Poetry. Blackout Poetry is when you take a written piece of text from a book, newspaper, or magazine and redact words, in order to come up with your very own poetry! Each student was given a book and the freedom to create! We had a blast and the variety of written work was incredible!

Nicole Steiner

Veterans Day Assembly!

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We were so lucky to have six Veterans come to East Meadows today and tell us a little bit more about what it means to be a Veteran. Students were also reminded how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful country and what amazing opportunities we have because men and women have fought for our freedom! 

We are proud to be Americans! A big East Meadows THANK YOU to all the Veterans out there. We appreciate your service!  

The students sang America the Beautiful to show our respect to the Veterans. Find the video on instagram @emmustangpride

4th Grade Science

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4th grade students experimented with discovering what makes a full circuit. They were given a copper wire, a battery, and a light bulb. They had to figure a way to make the light bulb light up! Many of them were successful.

Students also have been working learning about energy, we tested out solar energy with solar ovens! The students made their own ovens and cooked s'mores! Pretty tasty science!

Katie Sanderson, Kati Cropper

Mental Health Virtual Workshop

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Nebo School  District Provides New Mental Wellness Resource for Parents

As the pandemic’s unseen costs begin to unfold on the mental health front, some wonder how school children will be impacted. Despite the massive challenge we face, there are growing resources to help families who are struggling.

Virtual Family Mental Health Night– Talk to a Therapist  Nebo School District is partnering with The Cook Center for Human Connection to host a free virtual Family Mental Health night on November3, 2021 at 6:00 PM.

Golden Ticket Winners

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During the book fair a couple weeks ago, Mr.Duncan decided to do a golden ticket drawing to give students a chance to pick out a free book from the book fair if their name was called. These lucky students pictured, were able to go to the book fair and pick out a book of their choice. One student even said, "When I heard my name called, I just couldn't believe it! I was the happiest girl in the world!" 

Katherine Beck