November 2017

Discovery Gateway Children's Museum

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We were so happy to have the Discovery Gateway Children's Museum come today to teach our fifth graders about chemical and physical changes. The program is called Reaction Time and is funded by our very own Utah State Legislature. Students were able to watch a fun presentation where the presenter lit different colors of fire! Changed liquids into different colors. Showed us what indigestion looks like! And talked about solids, liquids and gases. After the presentation each class was able to go to a lab where they had a hands on experience with chemical and physical changes!

5th Grade Stained Glass Windows

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It's begining to look a lot like Christmas! We love this time of year when our 5th grade students make stained glass windows and hang them in our foyer! They always do such a great job! We also appreciate all the time parent helpers take to make this project possible!!! It takes a lot of preparation and time to make this project happen!!!

6th Grade Music

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Our music classes have been working so hard to learn a song on the ukulele! Ms. Ringel had one of her classes come to the office and preform for us! They did a great job!

D.A.R.E Graduation

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Our 5th grade students had their DARE graduation on Tuesday. The students were awesome. We appreciate our police officers for taking the time out of their day to help our students. 


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We are so Thankful here at Easst Meadows!

We have the greatest students, parents, teachers, faculty, and school!

We hope that everyone has a great Thanksgiving break!


6th Grade Buddies

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Our 6th graders in Miss Bosch's class helped the 1st grade students in Mrs.Beary/Peterson on their chrome books today.

The students built turkeys with Google Slides, then they wrote a story about their picture.

The 1st grade students love to have the 6th grade students come and help them out with technology!


2017 Reflections Assembly

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We had our Reflections assembly yesterday. We had so many students that participated this year it was awesome!!!

Everyone did such a great job! We have great students at East Meadows!

We want to recognize all those who worked so hard on their projects! We are proud of everyone who had an entry!

We would like to congratulate those who are moving on to the area level!

Absent from the picture was Samantha Scott.


Special artist

Cougar Strong Assembly

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To end off our Red Ribbon Week we had some BYU athletes come and put on an assembly for our students.  They encouraged our students to be physically strong, mentally strong and socially strong! 

Our students really enjoyed this assembly! They have pledged to be drug free!