Walk to School Day

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The PTA wants to thank all who participated in our Walk to School Day.  Many parents were seen joining in. That is great! The children also enjoyed a nice greet and treat by some SFHS cheerleaders and football players.  Remember "GREEN Means GO Safely" as you continue to walk and bike in our neighborhoods and to/from school. 

PTA--Nicole Norris

National Walk to School Day

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Students at East Meadows put on their walking shoes and took part in national “walk to school day.” Principal Dwight Liddiard and students from Spanish Fork High School greeted the students with prizes as they arrived at the school. Everyone was encouraged to participate in healthy physical activities with family and friends, walk or ride their bikes to school often, practice safety rules, and enjoy the benefits of a healthier lifestyle that comes with that pledge.

The Odyssey

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On September 30, East Meadows Elementary sixth-graders have been studying the Greek culture and history as part of this year's curriculum. Students actively engaged in many fun activities to experience ancient Greece firsthand. Family and friends enjoyed learning about Homer’s Odyssey through skits performed by the students. They made their own costumes, scenery and created their own scripts to tell the story of Odysseus traveling home to Ithaca. Students then participated in Greek Olympics later that day.

The Signs and Colors of Fall!

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The Kindergarten students at East Meadows Elementary started off their study of the seasons by walking around the school and surrounding neighborhood observing and collecting signs of Autumn.  They found an assortment of leaves in different colors, small branches and flowers, various seeds, and pine cones.  They each made a bag to collect their items in. 

East Meadows Elects a Student Council, September 2011

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Students have chosen their East Meadows Student Council for 2011-2012. The student council represents and serves the school in a variety of capacities. They do morning announcements, learn about service-project opportunities, and come up with ideas to help improve the school. Those chosen to be on the student council got a little bit of campaign experience as they tried for various positions. They shared their talents and let us know how they could best serve the school. Congratulations to this year’s school council!

Fifth Grade Visits Olympic Park September 16, 2011

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East Meadows 5th graders took the opportunity to visit Olympic Park near Park City. Olympic Park served as the 2002 Olympic venue for ski jumping, Nordic Combined, Bobsled, Skeleton and the Luge. Besides seeing how snow is great for fun winter activities, the students learned that snow is vital to Utah’s economy. In fact, it is even called 'white gold.' This year students got to see ski jumpers jump into the pool. They thought that was pretty awesome.

Pirate Day

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Young pirates roamed the halls of East Meadows Elementary today. They listened to pirate stories and participated in fun, learning activities.

Colonial Day

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Fifth graders at East Meadows celebrated Colonial Day today. Students learned about what it would have been like to live in colonial days through active participation in a variety of activities. They wrote with feathers, made a horn book, a quilt block and a colonial sign. They dipped candle wicks, cleaned cotton and played a game called “ball and stick.”