Gingerbread Houses

Submitted by trisha.olsen on Fri, 12/07/2012 - 14:29

East Meadows 2nd graders got to be creative and as they decorated their graham-cracker gingerbread houses. Students got creative with the assorted candies. They made chimneys, trees, fences and even some ponds with fish. This is a fun tradition here at East Meadows for the holiday season. Thanks to all the parents and teachers who volunteered their time and all of that candy and frosting.

Crystal Apple Award

Submitted by trisha.olsen on Fri, 12/07/2012 - 11:56

Janell Haskell, our school secretary at East Meadows is the recipient of the Crystal Apple Award for classified employees. The award was presented to Janell by Craig Harvey of Horace Mann Insurance. Janell is an amazing person! She is usually the first one here in the mornings and last one to leave. She is the do all person here at East Meadows. She is helpful to everyone that comes by her desk. She organizes, plans, listens, and counsels, mediates, accounts, and takes care of most anything here at the school. She knows where everything is and how everything works.

SNAP, Walk & Roll Assembly

Submitted by trisha.olsen on Tue, 12/04/2012 - 14:04

SNAP, Walk 'n Roll is an assembly about walking and biking safely to school, produced by the Utah Department of Transportation Student Neighborhood Access Program (SNAP)™.  East Meadows enjoyed the assembly put on by SNAP on Thursday, November 29. With larger-than-life characters and music fit for a rock show, the four-member SNAP Team teaches students about the importance of following the safest routes on the school's SNAP Map, traffic signs and signals and necessary gear, and it helps them get excited about walking and biking to school. 


5th Grade Stained Glass

Submitted by trisha.olsen on Thu, 11/29/2012 - 14:37

The front windows and office windows at East Meadows Elementary are colorfully adorned with paper cut-outs of stained-glass windows made by our 5th grade students.  This is a tradition here at our school for the Christmas Holiday as well as other schools throughout the district.  Mr. Liddiard’s mother, LaRee Liddiard created the patterns.  Be sure to come by the school to view them.


3rd Grade Native American Plays

Submitted by trisha.olsen on Tue, 11/27/2012 - 11:47

The third graders at East Meadows Elementary have recently been learning about Native American Culture.  On Tuesday, November 20, each class performed a plays for their parents depicting the culture of Native Americans.  The plays they performed were:  “The Birth and Creation of the Corn God.” “A Possum’s Tail.”  “The Strongest One.”  “The Cannibal Monster--A Tlingit Legend” and “The Glusabe and Old Man Winter.”  Leading up to this culminating event, students had previously learned the meaning of legends, made pottery out of play dough, and created teepees out of paper.  All the students di

5th Grade DARE Graduation

Submitted by trisha.olsen on Tue, 11/27/2012 - 11:06

On Tuesday, November 20, East Meadows 5th graders became D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) graduates. Officer Chris Sherriff welcomed family and friends as he commended the 5th graders for completing their 10-week educational training. In order to receive their graduation certificates, students participated in class discussions and activities, learned songs, and wrote thoughtful essays on why it is important to stay away from drugs and other harmful substances. The D.A.R.E.

Kindergarten Thanksgiving Feast

Submitted by trisha.olsen on Tue, 11/20/2012 - 14:48

The Kindergarteners at East Meadows held their Thanksgiving Feast on Tuesday before Thanksgiving.  They ate turkey sandwiches on rolls, vegetables and fruits and even pumpkin pie.  The students along with many parent helpers prepared their meal and set the tables just as the pilgrims would have done.  Many thanks to the teachers and parents for such a fun activity to get us in the mood for the holidays.