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Submitted by trisha.olsen on Wed, 05/01/2013 - 11:36
Article and Photo by: Nicole Norris
The award recipients were: Ashley Norris, Conner Bennett, Morgan Reid, Bailee Bills, Ethan Hansbrow. Absent from the picture Conner Patey.

On Wednesday 4/24/13, six 6th Grade students from East Meadows were among those representing the many "TERRIFIC KIDS" we have at East Meadows and were honored by the Spanish Fork Kiwanis Club at an awards ceremony.The award recipients wereAshley Norris, Conner Bennett, Morgan Reid, Bailee Bills, Ethan Hansbrow and Conner Patey. 
These six students helped expemplify "TERRIFIC KIDS" in the following ways:

T- thoughtful

E- enthusiastic

R- respectful

R - responsible

I - inclusive

F- friendly

I- inquisitive

C- capable

Congratulations!  The program aired on Spanish Fork Cable Network, their names will be on a plaque at the school and they will be able to participate in the 24th of July Parade.  Great job to all of our wonderful 6th graders at East Meadows and to these six individuals and thank you to the 6th Grade teachers for how you help enrich these students!  Continue to exemplify what "TERRIFIC KIDS" stands for each day.