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Good As Gold

Submitted by linda.beck on Wed, 01/27/2016 - 15:10

Ann Hook has a lot of college education—an A.S. in Office Administration, a Bachelor’s in Studio Art. A Masters in Education, and a Masters in English. She has taught for over 20 years. She is writing 3 novels for YA-adults in the Fantasy Genre. She has written and illustrated 5 children’s book but is too shy to submit them for publication! Ann greets every day with open arms, and try to squeeze each and every drop of joy out of each and every moment possible.


Chelsea D’Haenens dreams of being on a gameshow! Game Show Network is her jam! She loves spicy foods and fresh and spicy salsa. She is a professional singer…But only in the car by herself with the music LOUD! She lives with her favorite people: her husband Chad and daughter Isabell. She loves unusual animals like sloths and llamas. She would like to go to Costa Rica one day and go to a sloth sanctuary.


Andrea Byrd has 4 children. She is passionate about sports especially football and wrestling. She is learning to like soccer and basketball. She is a licensed cosmetologist. Andrea loves to read. She also sang the National Anthem at a Jazz Game! She claims she no longer sings!


Kristi Peterson loves theme parks, she is a thrill seeker and lovse big rides! She claims she will not jump out of a plane! She can’t wait for the Harry Potter theme park to open in California next year! Kristi had a close encounter with a mother bear and her cub while hiking in Yellowstone this past summer. She love to camp and enjoys the outdoors. She is terrified of sharks.


Cheralyn Monroe is a Disney FANATIC! She loves to travel and to go to Major League Baseball Games. She loves to watch her girls dance competitively. Cheralyn can even still do the splits herself!  Cheralyn also loves to shop!!!