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District Science Fair Winners

Submitted by linda.beck on Thu, 02/14/2019 - 12:57

District Science Winners
Last night we had some students participate in the district science fair in Springville.  They all did a wonderful job and we are proud of them all.  We sent on 12 projects to the district level this year and 9 of those projects are headed to the state science fair at BYU next month.  


Best in Show - Connor Hamilton: Which Tennis Ball will up your Game?

High Honors - Kenna Feland: How does Warm-Up Change your Muscle Stiffness?

High Honors - Grace Hall: Invisible Waves in your Homes

Honors - Nathan Miller: Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees, but Electricity Does!

Honors - Hayden McCAin: Which Toothpaste Brightens your Smile the Best?

Honors - Camie Nielsen: Ingredients: Do They Matter?

Izabel Guzman: Does the Temperature of Water Effect Your Swimming Speed?

Maci Lott: Popcorn Poppin’

Paige Creer and Amberly Reese: How Similar is Kid’s Handwriting to their Parents?