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3rd Grade Community Activities

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 02/16/2012 - 09:52
Article and pictures by Camile Biggs
3rd Grade Students with Mayor Andersen
3rd Grade Students visit Spanish Fork Library
3rd Grade Students visit Spanish Fork City Offices

As part of our study of communities, our third graders visited a few public buildings and met community members that serve in the city. On Friday, February 10, we went to Spanish Fork High School and enjoyed the production of Willy Wonka. Afterward, we went to the City Office Building where we were met by Assistant City Manager Seth Perrins. We sat on the steps of the historic building as he helped us understand the role of the people in the community as well as the services the city provides. We visited the library where we heard about some of the services the library provides and enjoyed a storytime. Following that, we went to the Utah County Fairgrounds (since it is also housed in Spanish Fork) and saw the new arena being constructed. We enjoyed eating lunch in the High Chaparral Building and meeting with Spanish Fork Mayor G. Wayne Andersen. The Mayor spoke to the third graders about what makes a good community and how it is important to vote. He took questions from the third graders and told them that one of the best parts of his job was getting to meet with groups like ours. It was a very informative and fun field trip. Thanks to those people who made it possible!