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May 2011

6th Grade Graduation

Submitted by trisha.olsen on Thu, 05/26/2011 - 11:04
6th Grade Graduation 2011

East Meadows Elementary held graduation for the sixth-grade students on May 26, 2011. The students recieved their diplomas and  viewed and a slide show. Proud parents and faculty applauded the efforts of the students, and wished them well next year as they move on to the Junior High. Congratulations, graduates! Nicely done!

East Meadows End-Of-Year Programs

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Kindergarten End Of Year Program
1st Grade Program
4th Grade End of Year Program
5th Grade End of Year Program
3rd Grade End of Year Program

Family and friends filtered in and out of East Meadows Elementary during May as they watched their students’ end-of –year programs. Kindergarten students celebrated what they learned through the year with cute songs. The first and second grades shared what they’ve learned about friendship, community and strengthening relationships. The third-grade classes ended their program with a parent showcase where students displayed their talents through writing, poetry and acting. Visitors listened to names of cities they’ve probably never heard of while fourth graders sang about Utah. The fifth-grade students have learned a lot about the United States of America and sang songs about their love for their country. Sixth-grade students put on their caps and gowns and said goodbye to their elementary school.

4th Grade Pioneer Day

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4th Grade Virginia Reel
4th Grade Pioneer Day
4th Grade Pioneer Day
4th Grade Pioneer Day

All the fourth grade students at East Meadows gathered together on Wednesday, May, 18 to dance the Virginia Reel.  Many parents came to watch and many danced with their son or daughter.  Later in the day Clyde and Eva Bradford came dressed in their pioneer clothes and shared pioneer stories and history with the students.  Clyde even entertained with them the harmonica. 

Cheryl Mitchell Retires

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Cheryl Mitchell
Mrs. Mitchell poses as Mountain Man
Mrs. Mitchell as one of the 4th Grade Ninja Teachers
Cheryl Mitchell on Pioneer Day
4th Grade End of Year Program

Students and staff at East Meadows are sad to say goodbye to a great teacher. Cheryl Mitchell has been teaching 4th- grade students at East Meadows for 5 years and will complete 29 years of service altogether. Of her career Mrs. Mitchell remarks, “I am always excited to see the sparkle in a student’s eye when they realize and understand the concept that is being taught. But my greatest moments in teaching are when students teach me an idea or thought by saying, ‘This helps me remember by. . .’ It is such a fantastic idea that I regret not knowing it earlier in my career. But most of all, I want children to understand the importance of honesty, responsibility and love of family and country. I can’t think of any other profession that would have given me the fulfillment that I have experienced in my teaching career.”

Mrs. Mitchell has planted fond memories for many students. Lorin Wyss and Courtney Andersen loved hearing her stories. Megan Vehar and Megan Graham said, “She’s one of the nicest teachers ever.” Jarom Jones “liked that she was funny and cracking jokes all the time.” Amanda Graham said she was great at teaching math. Haygen Emerick said, "She made it easier with math and all that stuff she taught us. She's pretty cool and funny." Tyrell Emerick said, "She's the best teacher in the world." Jackson Rich loved having a teacher that liked sports! Amberly Perrins said, “Mrs. Mitchell explained things so they were easy to understand. She made Pioneer Day fun. It makes me sad that she’s not going to be here next year.”

The staff at East Meadows wishes her well and is certain she will continue to have a positive impact on children and others she associates with.

6th Grade Track Meet

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Students cheer for their friends and classmates as they run their races.
Students cheer for their friends and classmates as they run their races.

The 6th Grade Hershey Track Meet was on Tuesday, May 17.  The 6th graders were the last ones to have their track meet.  Each year 3rd trough 6th grade students prepare and participate in the Hershey Track Meets.  Thank you teachers for your hard work on our students behalf.  East Meadows also has had a track club that has met on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school  for last couple of weeks. 

Arbor Day Celebration

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Arbor Day Essay Winners: Gage Brouse, Cameron Smith, Megan Singerman, Cecily Scott
Arbor Day-Mayor G. Wayne Andersen

Arbor Day was celebrated here at East Meadows Elementary on April 29, 2011. The fourth and fifth grade classes were honored guests along with Mayor G. Wayne Andersen and Dale Robinson, Director of Spanish Fork Parks and Recreation.  Bill Bushman of the Spanish Fork Shade Tree Commission conducted the event.   He told the kids the Utah State Tree is the Blue Spruce and that Spanish Fork City has met all the requirements to be a tree city USA for the twelfth year in a row.  Last year Spanish Fork City planted 417 trees and trimmed and pruned over 2000 trees throughout town.  The fourth grade classes recited the poem, “Trees.” The 5th grade classes sang, “The Green Grass Grows All Around.”   Prior to the event the fourth and fifth grade classes held an essay contest.  The winners presented their essays at the program.  Essay winners were: Cecily Scott, Gage Brouse, Cameron Smith and Megan Singerman.  At the conclusion Mayor Andersen talked to the kids.  He has a son, and a daughter-in-law that teach at East Meadows Elementary and 2 grandchildren that attend the school.  It was a treat to have him.  He cautioned the kids about the rivers and streams for the upcoming spring run-off and flood season.  The students didn’t actually get to help plant the trees at Abbie Court Park because of the weather. 

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