Crystal Apple Award

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 02/23/2010 - 12:02

The Crystal Apple award this year goes to the brains of our operation. Julie Hammari leads our team through her talents, knowledge, abilities and height. She has been a great leader and teacher for both faculty and students here at East Meadows Elementary. She has always been willing to change a grade level because of her nature to be flexible and ability to work in any situation. This is most apparent in her current grade level team. Julie began teaching at Canyon Elementary as an intern in the 5th grade. She then moved to 3rd grade the next year and back to 5th her third year at Canyon. Her move to East Meadows Elementary placed her back in 3rd grade until she made that fearful move to teach sixth grade. However difficult the content in 6th grade was, it was the fact that the students exceeded her height that brought the most fear. Julie’s knowledge and understanding allows her to teach and inspire students to achieve beyond even their own expectations. Her math knowledge has allowed her to diversify the level of math classes she has taught over the years. From the advanced learners to the lower students who struggle to understand, Miss Hammari’s genius in math brings teachers and students throughout the school to her room for understanding. Julie is a team worker who in her own sneaky manner, plays pranks on the best of us. She is always willing to help her team and is a frequent supporter even at their basketball games. Students often comment on her sense of humor and her ability to bring a smile and joy to their lives. Her creativity and artistic talents have appealed to the eyes of many, especially Dwight, at Christmas time. We love working with Julie and congratulate her on all her accomplishments.

Garrett Andersen, Adam Gull, and sixth-grade teaching colleagues