Kindergarten Farm Field Trip to Olsen's Farm

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On April 25, the Kindergarten students at East Meadows Elementary boarded the bus and drove to Olsen’s Sheep Farm.  Although it was a short bus ride and the afternoon class got cut short because of the rain the kids seemed to have enjoyed their time at the farm.  The activity was the culmination of their farm unit.  They learned about cows, sheep, pigs, horses and chickens.  At the farm they were able to pet a pony, a steer, a sheep, and some baby chicks.  They were able to sit on the wagons and pretend to be farmers and pioneers.  They counted the wagons and wagon wheels.  The learned that a mom sheep is called a ewe and that a dad sheep is called a ram and a baby sheep is called a lamb.   While they were at the farm, the shearer was there shearing the sheep.  Mr. Olsen had a fleece and let each of them take a tiny piece of wool home.  They were able to brush and curry comb the pony, feed the steer and sheep some grass and they even found the rooster roaming around the corrals. After all was said and done it was a good day!