Mrs.Warenski Named Utah Teacher of the Year Runner Up

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Congrats Tracey
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Award Winner

State Superintendent of Public Instruction Sydnee Dickson today named Tracy Warenski, a second-grade teacher at East Meadows Elementary in the Nebo School District, as the 2023 Utah Teacher of the Year Runner Up.

A committee with representatives from parent and teacher advocacy organizations, charter schools, and the Utah State Board of Education selected the finalists from among local teachers of the year for the honor.

Tracy Warenski was honored at a banquet on Thursday, September 8, 2002, in Salt Lake City. Mrs. Warenski, of Nebo, was presented with a check for $4,000.

When interviewing with the Daily Herald, Tracy brought up the following:
“She shares this achievement with the many mentors, administrators, co-workers and students who have all helped shape her into the teacher she is today.

“What has kept Warenski coming back to teach every fall for the past 17 years is her faith in both Nebo School District and in the teaching profession.”

Nebo is so proud of you Tracy Warenski for being a Nebo Hero and representing all our incredible teachers here in Nebo.

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