Reflections 2015 Winners

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Reflections Winners


  • Award of Excellence
    • Katy Smith, Soaring High, 6th
    • Connor Hamilton, To Touch a Hummingbird, 2nd
  • Award of Merit
    • Kate Searcy Soaring, 6th


  • Award of Excellence
    • Camryn Marshall, untitled, 6th
    • Parker Fillmore, What Your Imagination Can Do, 3rd
    • Rachel Manwill, Gus’s Life, 1st
  • Award of Merit
    • Zachary Kessinger, Imagine Flying, 5th
    • Zoe Lapray, The Friend, 1st


  • Award of Excellence
    • Hailey Campbell, Let Your Imagination Fly in Wonderland, 6th
    • Dakodah Hew-Len, Rainbow Connections, 3rd
    • James Fillmore, Flying Right, K


  • Award of Excellence
    • Jackson Alton, What Will I Dream About, 2nd


  • Award of Excellence
    • Sydney Anderson, Resort, 4th
    • Cohen Nelson, Cohen’s Yellowstone Adventure, 1st

2D Art:

  • Award of Excellence
    • Itzel Valdez, Millions, 6th
    • Carson Kesler, Flying Through Space, 3rd
    • River Andersen, Airplane Magic, 1st
  • Award of Merit
    • Lauren Jones, Dreams, Angels, Skyscrapers, 6th
    • Elle Hancock, Fairy in Fall, 4th
    • Jessica Campbell, Soaring to a Land of Unicorns, Rainbows, & Mermaids, K

3-d Art:

  • Award of Excellence
    • Anna Salisbury, Read and Believe, 6th
    • Dylan Garcia, The Dragon of Imagination, 5th
    • James Sayre, The Flag Tile Pattern,1st
  • Award of Merit
    • Brian Gunyan, Dreaming Cookie Boy, 6th
    • Brayden Reese, The Destroyer, 5th
    • Bailey Johnson, Spanish Fork, 2nd