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Submitted by linda.beck on Tue, 03/20/2018 - 14:06
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Recently our district applied to earn the Energy Star Certification. We sent in Energy Star applications for 44 of our facilities and ALL 44 qualified. This is an amazing feat because in order to qualify a building must score in the top 75 percentile compared against other schools in the nation.  Our district average score was 99, with many schools scoring a perfect 100.

The certification process for Energy Star is not an easy one. Air quality, lighting quality, and the overall Energy Use Index readings and calculations of each facility are taken into account. This data, along with many other data points, are used to compare our K-12 facility to other K-12 facilities throughout the country. We then receive a score based on the grading criteria outlined by Energy Star.

We feel like this is something to celebrate. A lot of patrons, students,and employees will see this as a great win for the school district. With the 44 Energy Star Certifications earned, we have the most certified facilities out of any organization in the state of Utah. This makes us an Energy Star leader in the state!

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