East Meadows Science Fair Winners 2016

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Fifth Grade

Jocelyn Hansbrow and Joshua Fraser - Do Video Games Relieve Pain?

Kayla Huish - Which Gum Blows?

Zachary Kessinger - Memory

Everett Fussell - Minecraft the Experiment 

Cameron Dafoe and Trevin Rudd - Dude, Where's My Signal?

Kylee Olsen and Ana Saiz - Which Soda Stains Your Teeth The Most?

Mia Francis - Fastest Way to Cool Soda


Sixth Grade

Kaleb Feland and Zach Huish - Reaction Distraction

Katelin Dempsey - Hampster Power

Kaydenz Critchlow - Does Exercise Increase Brain Memory?

Hailey Campbell - LED Lights

Brooklyn Camp - Curiosity vs. Obedience

Wesley Campbell - Let's Wing It

Alexis Gladding - Propelling Forward

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!  And a great big THANK YOU to all who participated in our science fair this year!!!