East Meadows Elects a Student Council, September 2011

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Students have chosen their East Meadows Student Council for 2011-2012. The student council represents and serves the school in a variety of capacities. They do morning announcements, learn about service-project opportunities, and come up with ideas to help improve the school. Those chosen to be on the student council got a little bit of campaign experience as they tried for various positions. They shared their talents and let us know how they could best serve the school. Congratulations to this year’s school council! Lorin Wyss, Emily Colton, Megan Vehar, Jarom Jones (President), Brendan Bakker (Reporter), Brayden Jackson, Allison Davis, Jordyn Ellefsen, Cody Frandsen, Ryan Berger, Courtney Andersen (Vice President), Tanner Peterson, Riley Warren (Secretary), Matthew Munson, Amberly Perrins (Treasurer)