October 2015

October Good As Gold

Submitted by celeste.gledhill on Wed, 10/28/2015 - 11:02

East Meadows students were honored in our Good As Gold award assembly for October. The Heave Ho Award that honored students that pushed through a tough obstacle.  The Jolly Roger Award recognized students with a good attitude.  Students that were given the Ahoy Matey Award were caught being a good friend.  We also had the Shipshape Award for those that were caught helping around the school or were picking up in their classroom.  The Shiver Me Timbers Award was for students that had done something truly amazing.

4th Grade Studies

Submitted by linda.beck on Mon, 10/26/2015 - 13:24

Our 4th grade has been busy studying about the Utah Pioneers.  They just finished up this unit. They learned many interesting things as well as how to do the Virginia Reel and to Square Dance.

Thursday afternoon they preformed for their parents and others.

Ms. B-School Counselor's Message

Submitted by linda.beck on Mon, 10/19/2015 - 11:40
Hello Parents!I came across this quote by author Leah DeCesare the other day and found it applicable to not only myself as a parent but also as a school counselor "Giving kids our undivided attention, and being genuinely present, shows them they are valuable." Little things like this remind me to put down my phone, turn away from my computer and spend quality time with my kids to ensure they have a more healthy sense of self concept and self-esteem and a better rapport and relationship with me.http://www.values.c

Pumpkims on Parade

Submitted by linda.beck on Wed, 10/14/2015 - 09:46

The 2nd graders at East Meadows have been busy decorating their pumpkins that they picked on their field trip last week. They are all unique and very creative!

Pumpkin Challenge

Submitted by linda.beck on Mon, 10/12/2015 - 09:56

Mrs. Mecham's class took the Pumpkin Challenge last week.

The students were given 4 sheets of paper and were asked to create a 3-D pumpkin with a stem. leaves, 2 eyes, a nose and a mputh. With those instructions they came up with their own design and creation.

National 4-H

Submitted by linda.beck on Thu, 10/08/2015 - 13:05

It is National 4-H week. Yesterday was wear your green 4-H T-Shirt to school.

East Meadows has a great after school 4-H program that offers so many different classes for the students here. We have amazing teachers each session!

Watch our home page for information on the upcoming session. #UtahCounty4 #4HGrowsHere #Utah4H

Walk To School Day

Submitted by linda.beck on Wed, 10/07/2015 - 13:34

Today was walk to school day. The students were rewarded with a sticker and a fruit snack if they walked to school today. We had members of the Spanish Fork Football team and Cheerleaders as well as members of the Student Council at East Meadows who helped pass out the rewards. Thanks to all those who participated!