Mrs.Warenski Awarded ---Nebo Teacher of the Year!

Submitted by madie.treanor on Thu, 04/14/2022 - 21:49
Mrs.Warenski Teacher of the Year

Nebo School District Teacher of the Year - Tracy Warenski

Tracy Warenski
East Meadows Elementary

“Tracy plays a crucial role in creating a collaborative culture with the entire faculty. She has a positive attitude and smile on her face that lights up any room. Tracy is a master teacher and highly intelligent. She knows how to engage her students. Tracy’s expectations are high, and students work hard to live up to those. Students love Mrs. Warenski.” 

Tracy’s philosophy of education includes the following: “All children come with unique backgrounds and have a variety of educational foundations. Educators need to be aware of their students’ needs and learning styles and be proactive in teaching or seeking the assistance necessary for each child to grow and progress. She tries to give positive and clear expectations, facilitate learning discussions, allow independence, encourage problem solving, and works hard to reach student goals.”

We are proud to have Mrs.Warenski at East Meadows!