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School Community Council

East Meadows Elementary
School Community Council

2019-2020 School Community Council Members 

Council Members


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Mike Duncan



Jamie Pintar



Sydney Sharp



Annalyse Anderson



Whitney Hancock



Julie Hamilton



Amy Baird


Steve Hoffman



Jill Marshall



Bryce Moore



School Community Council Dates

Friday, October 11th 
Friday, November 8th 
Friday, December 13th
Friday, January 3rd 
Friday, February 14th 
Friday, March 6th
Friday, April 3rd

2019-2020 SCC Minutes

Purpose of School Community Council:  

The purpose of the School Community Council is to build consistent and effective communication among parents, employees, and administrators; allowing parents an opportunity to be actively involved in their children's education by helping establish and implement educational goals for their respective schools.  In this regard, the responsibilities of the School Community Council are advisory in nature.  

The School Community Council (SCC) plays an important role in partnering in the education of our children with the school, its staff and faculty, and the district.  The following information is from The Shared Governance Handbook. The SCC provides a "cooperative means of improving the educational programs and conditions" within the school.  Decisions and responsibilities allocated to the SCC by the Utah law includes:

  • Developing a School Improvement Plan (SIP)
  • Developing the School LAND Trust Program
  • Assisting in the development and implementation of a school professional development plan
  • Develop and implement a child access routing plan (safe walking routes to and from school)
  • Advising and making recommendations to school and school district administrators and the local school board regarding the school and its programs, school district programs, and other issues relating to the community environment for students
  • Developing a reading achievement plan

Rules of Order and Procedure

 Opportunities for Parents to Serve:

Meetings are open to all parents.  If parents have any questions, comments or concerns, please contact a member of the council to add items to the agenda.  

School Trustland Budget

Allocated budget for 2019-2020:

Summary of Annual Report:

Teachers participated in professional development to support literacy and to analyze and respond to DIBELS data throughout the school year.  People were hired and materials were purchased to provide support and intervention opportunities for students in reading. Substitutes were hired so that teachers could participate in professional development designed to support student literacy needs and so that teachers could attend conferences.  Technology was purchased so students had greater access to reading materials and were also utilized for literacy in the classroom. Software programs were purchased for student needs. Two teachers were given a stipend to work with teachers on monitoring student progress and providing interventions ideas for students. Subs were also hired so that the DIBELS assessments could be administered to monitor student growth.

Teachers used the Utah state core curriculum and district provided framework to instruct in mathematics.  Teachers also participated in mathematical lesson study and professional development throughout the school year with support from administration and district personnel.  Technicians were hired so that intervention and enrichment activities could be provided for students in mathematics. Materials were purchased as needed to support our plan.

Teachers participated in two fine arts trainings and implemented the lessons learned in the trainings in their classrooms.  Materials were purchased to support these classroom lessons. 6th grade students were given the opportunity to participate in orchestra before school each week.

$68,290 received from the School Land Trust was spent to support the activities outlined above.  

$28,065 was spent on technician salaries.

$18,983 was spent on professional development and the substitutes needed so that teachers could participate.

$2000 was spent on supplies to support the arts.

$3,229 was spent on software.

$13,533 was spent on technology.

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