4th Grade Goes to Camp Floyd


Our 4th grade students had a great time at Camp Floyd in Fairfield.

They learned about the Pony Express, how to make candles and bricks. They were taught what it was like to have a military drill.

There was a Pioneer school house there and the students enjoyed seeing what it was like to attend school back in the day.

It was a beautiful day and the students had a great time! We have awesome students and staff at East Meadows!

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Johnny Appleseed Visits East Meadows

Today Kindergarten had a surprise visit from Johnny Appleseed!

The Students celebrated apples by doing many fun activities revolving around apples. They love when Johnny Appleseed comes to visit! They love the stories that he shares with them.  Johnny also loves all the fun questions the students ask him!!!

We love to see Johnny Appleseed each year! We are so lucky he makes time to visit our awesome students!

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Pride Squad 2018-2019

We are so happy that East Meadows has their Pride Squad up and running.

This is all of our 6th grade students. They are responsible for starting our assemblies, making our daily announcements, showing new students around our school and various other tasks that may be asked of them. We are so proud of them and the great example they are to other students!

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5th Grade Colonial Days


Our 5th grade students had Colonial Days last Friday. They had a lot of fun making Jonny Cakes, playing Colonial games, makeing metal art and picking seeds out of cotton!

Thanks to all the parent volunteers that helped to make it all possible!

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Jump Rope Assembly


We had a great assembly today at East Meadows!

We had professional "jump ropers" come and talk to the students about being active and healthy. They also let them know that if they fall they can get back up and continue on! We want all of our students to be the best they can be!

We have awsome students here!

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