4th Grade Mountain Man Unit


The 4th grade students have been studying about the Mountain Men that use to live in our area. 

We were so lucky to have a "Mountain Man-Woman" come and visit the students today. She talked about how they traded furs for goods. The students loved learning about their ways.

The students earned "Beaver Pelts" for good behavior, participation, and being kind. They were then able to trade the "pelts" for goods. Each students brought some items they wanted to trade with others.  They had a great time learning about the Mountain Men and how they lived and survived back in the day.

4th Graders attend the Symphony

Last Friday the 4th graders at East Meadows were able to attend the Utah Symphony at Maple Mountain High School.

The students were in their best dress and on their best behavior!

We have some great students at East Meadows!

Fifth Graders Learn About The Revolutionary War


Fifth Graders went on a field trip today. They walked to Centennial Park (soldiers had to walk a lot) and did Revolutionary War activities. These activities included making a hat (Yankee Doodle hat) with a feather, playing games (pick up sticks, cats cradle, and a solitaire game with beans), learning about Paul Revere's Ride, and learning some Von Steuben militia drills. The students had a great time.


Ms. Haskell's Class


Last week second grade learned about our community. We learned about the culture of Spanish Fork as well as the physical features that are unique to our city. The students had a lot of fun looking at a map of Spanish Fork and creating their own salt dough map adding physical features and important landmarks.


First Grade Grandparent Day - Mrs. kofoed's Class


First graders at East Meadows enjoyed singing at their Grandparent Program. What great smiles and voices! Thanks to all the wonderful grandparents and fans who came to support them.


4th Grade Field Trip


Our 4th grade students had a great time at Camp Floyd in Fairfield.

They learned about the Pony Express, how to make candles and bricks. They were taught what it was like to have a military drill.

There was a Pioneer school house there and the students enjoyed seeing what it was like to attend school back in the day.

It was a cold day but the students had a great time! We have awesome students and staff at East Meadows!

Healthy Options for Students


Parents just a quick reminder that we have quite a few students with different allergies here at East Meadows Elementary.

When bringing treats in please be aware of the student's needs in your child's class. 

There are many healthy options out there, you may also consider non food items when bringing treats!

Thanks for your help in this matter!

3rd Graders at Salem Pond


Our 3rd grade classes went on a field trip to Salem Pond.

They had different rotations where they learned about the wet lands system.

The students had a great time and they learned so much.

Go For The Gold


Our Gold Medal Winners for September were recognized at an assembly for being outstanding students at our school! We have the best students at East Meadows!

Picture order - Kindergarten thru 6th grade.

1st Grade- Johnny Appleseed Day


On Friday September 23rd, First Grade had a surprise visit from Johnny Appleseed!

The Students celebrated apples by doing many fun activities revolving around apples. The students even made applesauce and ended the day by eating it! YUM:)