East Meadows Science Fair Winners

Science Fair Winners

Emily Colton, "Bounce to Safety: Groundbreaking News on Playground Materials" Riley Warren, "Do Childproof Containers Really Keep Kids Out?" Mateen Lomax, "Making a Homemade Volcano Using Baking Soda and Vinegar. Is There a Better Way?" Amberly Perrins, "What Factors Affect the Freezing Time and Ability of Water" Spencer Searcy, "Testing the Effects of Phosphorous on Indoor Non-blooming Plants" Dallin Harding, "A Shocking Discovery: Stray Voltage" Brittany Gardner, "How Clean is the Air Where You Live?" Branden Hinckley, "Common Glue" Sierra Lyman, "They Say Opposites Attract, but Not Oil and Water! Rebecca Haisman, "Heat Transfer"

East Meadows Science Projects

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East Meadows 5th and 6th- grade students have been working hard on various hypotheses, testing and data. Family members and younger students were able to see the results of their work as they walked through their classrooms and viewed their various displays. East Meadows congratulates all participants on their efforts.

Science Fair Assembly

Sarah Oliverson feels the static electricity.

It’s all about science at East Meadows. Students attended an assembly where Brigham Young University physics students talked about science and performed various experiments. Among other topics, students learned about kinetic energy and that energy is always conserved. They also learned that even though the lights in our homes look constant, they are actually flickering at a rate of 60 x second. Students especially liked watching the floating pop bottle.

Internet Safety Assembly

NetSmartzKids Internet Assembly

On January 27, all the students at East Meadows Elementary gathered for an assembly about internet safety.   NetSmartzKids, a program of the national center for missing and exploited children came and gave a presentation to the students about how they can be safe on the internet.   Some of the issues that were discussed were spam or junk email, cyber bullies, not giving out personal information, and never meeting up with someone you meet while online and spending too much time online.   Parents or caregivers, educators, government officials, law enforcement, and youth organizations that want to learn more about the Internet and the possible dangers to children online should visit

BYU Sports Hero Day

Pictured stretching out with the track team is Colby Hazel and Cole Harward.
Jentri Harris takes a swing.
BYU Sports Day

On January 20, East Meadows sixth-grade students went to Brigham Young University. BYU athletes spoke to students about choosing heroes that have accomplished their goals and dreams by working hard. Students not only watched demonstrations but actively participated in various sports along with students from other schools in the local area. Among the sports were soccer, golf, football, and basketball. One student, Kearstin Ferre, said her favorite part of the day was playing volleyball with kids from another school. East Meadows wishes to thank BYU for providing this fun activity for their students.

Kindergarten Living Aquarium Field Trip

Kindergarten Class at the Living Planet Aquarium
Kindergarten Living Planet Aquarium Field Trip

Stingrays, sharks, penguins, these are a few of the aquatic animals the Kindergarten children at East Meadows Elementary experienced on their field trip to the Living Planet Aquarium.  Students loaded the buses and headed to Sandy, Utah to see the Living Planet Aquarium on January 6 and 7.   The morning session of kindergarten attended on Thursday and the afternoon session on Friday.   A Naturalist talked to them about sea life and animals that live on the land as they were on a “Sunken Ship.”   As the children walked around they were able to touch a stingray, of course the stinger had been removed.  They watched penguins splash and play in the water.  The highlight for some were the sharks and jellyfish.  There were sea horses, an octopus, an Anaconda snake, some frogs, an alligator and many more colorful and fun creatures to look at.  This activity finished up their unit on Ocean Life.

Warm the Soles

Student Council, 6th-Grade Teachers and Nebo Credit Union Employees
Presenting the donation
Dancing the Reindeer Hop

On December 20, 2010 the East Meadows’ Student Council presented a donation of $907 to Nebo Credit Union. This money will be used for ‘Warm the Soles,’ a program that provides shoes for children in need. Since their participation in the program, the credit union has provided over 2000 pairs of shoes. This year through the help of generous donations from students, school staff members, credit union members and employees, they were able to purchase 350 pairs of shoes. East Meadows Elementary is happy to be among 38 schools to participate in the program. The 'Warm the Soles' assembly also included a special visitor from the North Pole. To add to the Christmas fun, students danced the reindeer hop for Santa.

Polar Express

Grace Luu
Polar Express Train

All aboard for the polar express ride through the halls of East Meadows Elementary. Students in the first grade turned ordinary boxes into decorative and fun train cars. The students lined up their box cars, waited for the horn to toot and then filled the halls with beautiful Christmas trains. Parents and family enjoyed taking pictures as the train came through.

6th Grade Medival Feast and Tournament

6th Grade Medival Feast 2010.JPG
6th Grade Medival Feast 2010-5.JPG
6th Grade Medival Feast 2010-2.JPG

East Meadows 6th graders enjoyed a day of medieval games and feasting on Friday, December 10, 2010. As part of their social studies, students learned about the medieval times and what it might have been like to live during that period. Some of their activities included sword-fighting, jousting, dancing and melee (a mock battle between two armed horsemen). MaKenna Briggs said she especially liked learning about the knights’ armor and jousting.  In this picture Emma Brinkerhoff and Sydnee Farrer try their skills at sword fighting.

3rd Grade Native American Plays

3rd grade Native American Plays-Mrs. Mechams Class - The Cannibal Monster-A Tlinget Legend
3rd Grade Native American Plays-Mrs. Bartons Class -The Birth and Creation of the Corn Dog
3rd Grade Native American Plays-Mrs. Biggs Class-The Strongest One
3rd Grade Native American Plays-Mrs. Wilsons Class -The Glusabe Monster and Old Man Winter
3rd Grade Native American Plays-Mrs. McQuiveys Class -A Possum's Tail

The third graders at East Meadows Elementary have recently been learning about Native American Culture.  On Wednesday, December 8, each class performed a play depicting the culture of Native Americans.  Mrs. Barton’s class performed “The Birth and Creation of the Corn God.”  Mrs. McQuivey’s class did, “A Possum’s Tail.”  Mrs. Bigg’s class dazzled us with “The Strongest One.”  Mrs. Mecham’s class acted out “The Cannibal Monster--A Tlingit Legend” and Mrs. Wilson’s class performed “The Glusabe and Old Man Winter.”  Leading up to this culminating event, students had previously learned the meaning of legends, made pottery out of play dough, and created teepees out of paper.