Book Fair


Don't forget that the Book Fair is now on! It will run form March 12-15

Monday 8:00am-2:30pm

Tuesday 8:00am-3:30pm

Wednesday 8:00am-8:00pm

Thursday 8:00am-Noon

Check it out!

Mulan Jr. Was A Hit!


Many of our students here at East Meadows participated in the play Mulan Jr. We had 2 full casts that were involved in the preformances.

We would like to send a BIG THNAK YOU to all of those who helped make this a success. There were so many people who worked hard to make this possible!

We have a great East Meadow Family!!!

#emmustangpride #runningahead #eastmeadows


Nebo Chess Tournament At Cherry Creek Elementary


Here is how we did:

  • Ryken Brown 2nd place in 5th grade
  • Hyatt Brown 3rd place in Kindergarten
  • Noah Thomas 4th place in the 1st grade
  • Michael Scott 5th place in the 5th grade
  • Charles Loper Outstanding Trophy
  • Canon Hansbrow, Elijah Brough, JD Vilchis, Jonas Larsen, Jordan Duersch, Justin Ostler, Reese Larsen, Ryan Lomenick, Sam Woidka, and Taegan Leavitt all received medals

Overall, these kids were just so awesome.  Some kids had only been playing for two weeks and still competed.  What bravery!  A lot of the kids were excited that the trophies were Mustangs (knights).  Matched our shirts perfectly!  In watching them, these kids really displayed their Mustang PRIDE!  They were polite to one another and other school competitors (really such good sportsmanship)!  They showed a huge amount of respect while playing and waiting.  Their integrity and discipline showed win or lose.  And, finally, a great amount of effort went into every game they played.  Our East Meadow kids are learning great things in our school!  It was a great day to be a Mustang!   #emmustangpride #runningahead #eastmeadows

5th Grade "Love Bucks Day"


Our 5th grade students have been working so hard this month to earn "Love Bucks."

They were on their best behavior so that they could earn lots of bucks!!!  As their reward we had parents volunteer to help with various activities.  There were lots of games and prizes. There was face painting, doughnut race, ball toss, Plinko, and many other fun activities.

We have the best students at East Meadows and we have awesome volunteers! Thanks to all who helped make this activity happen!!!

#emmustangpride #runningahead #eastmeadows

SafeUT Awareness Days February 22 & 23

SafeUT Awareness Days February 22 & 23 In light of the recent events in Florida and other tragedies that have happened around the country, Nebo School District is teaming up with KSL on February 22, 2018, as we Stand Up for a Safe Utah. Utah has a very powerful resource and that is the SafeUT app.  As you all know, the SafeUT app provides real-time crisis intervention and has been proven to save lives and stopped planned school attacks.   Our goal is to make sure that every parent, student and educator is aware of the app and has it downloaded on their phone.  Throughout the day, KSL will be highlighting all that the app can do, the history behind it, the success stories and much more. In addition, there will be some fun for the students. Below is the outline to encourage student involvement:·        Encourage your friends to download the app·        Use hashtag #SafeUT on posts  KSL Contest: Individuals will be able to share a screenshot of their phone with the app downloaded for a chance to win a $50 visa card These screenshots will need to be posted in the contest on the KSL TV Facebook page The school that is tagged the most by their students will receive 100 pizzas from KSL! The contest will start Thursday, February 22 and Friday, February 23 at 3 p.m. Watch KSL News at 5 p.m. on Friday to see which school will be receiving 100 pizzas! #nebohero #studentsuccess #empowerstudents #engagestudents #focusonstudents #loveUTpublicschools #utpol #uted #NeboDistrict #NeboSchools #safeUT #emmustangpride #runningahead #eastmeadowsmustangs


The Golden Rule


We had a great assembly where we were taught about "The Golden Rule."

We had an magician who preformed some awesome magic tricks as well as taught the students to be kind and treat others as they would like to be treated.

This was such a positive message that was presented.

We have such great students and staff at East Meadows!

#runningahead #emmustangpride #eastmeadows

Spring Picture Day February 15th 2018


Don't forget that Spring Picture Day is tomorrow Thursday February 15th. If you want your student to have his or her picture taken you will need to send the packet with your student tomorrow.

Only the students who have their picture packets will have their pictures taken.

We do have exra packets in the office if you do not have one.

Thanks for your support!!!