5th Grade Visit Centennial Park


Fifth Graders went on a field trip last week. They walked to Centennial Park (soldiers had to walk a lot) and did Revolutionary War activities. These activities included making a hat (Yankee Doodle hat) with a feather, playing games (pick up sticks, cats cradle, and a solitaire game with beans), learning about Paul Revere's Ride, and learning some Von Steuben militia drills. The students had a great time.

East Meadows Halloween Carnival


Our East Meadows Halloween Carnival was a success!

Thanks to our awsome PTA for all the hard work they go to, to make our school great!

We would like to thank all those who helped to make it successful students, parents, and volunteers!


Beaver Pelt Trading Day For 4th Grade


Today has been a busy day at East Meadows!

Our 4th grade students earned "Beaver Pelts" for good behavior, participation, and being kind. They were then able to trade the "pelts" for goods. Each students brought some items they wanted to trade with others.  They had a great time learning about the Mountain Men and how they lived and survived back in the day.

Picture Day Tomorrow September 26th

Don't forget that we are having picture day tomorrow!

Preschool or other siblings are invited to come from 1:00-1:30. We have extra picture packets in the office if you need one.

We want every students to get their picture taken even if you are not purchasing a packet!

4th Grade Mountain Man Visit


The 4th grade students have been studying about the Mountain Men that use to live in our area. 

We were so lucky to have a "Mountain Man" come and visit the students today. He talked about how they traded furs for goods. The students loved learning about their ways.


Johnny Appleseed


On Friday September 22nd, Kindergarten  and 1st Grade had a surprise visit from Johnny Appleseed!

The Students celebrated apples by doing many fun activities revolving around apples. The students even made applesauce and ended the day by eating it! YUM:)