Go For The Gold - May


Our Gold Medal Winners for May were recognized in an assembly for being outstanding students at our school! We have the best students at East Meadows!

Picture order - 1st thru 6th grade.

Kindergarten Program


Today was a big day for our Kindergarten students! It was their last day of being a Kindergartener!

They have learned so much this year and grown up as well! We will be excited to see them next year as 1st graders!

Thanks to our great Kindergarten teachers! They are amazing!!!

5th Grade State Fair


The 5th grade students have been studying about the States in the U.S.

They finished up this unit by writing a report and giving an oral presentation and making a diorama to display.

They did a great job representing their state!

4th Grade Program


Out 4th graders had their year end program. They all preformed so well! We are proud of our 4th graders and all the hard work they have put in to make this year great! Thanks also to our awesome teachers! You rock!!!

1st Grade Camping Day

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Our 1st graders had a great day camping out in their classrooms! They read books ate smores and just had fun learning! We love our 1st graders and we are so lucky to have such great teachers who make learning fun!!!

"Walk For Life"


Our 5th grade students were able to participate in the American Legion's "Walk For Life" at the Volunteer's Sports Park.

Different stations were set up for the students to go to and learn about the hometown heros who served our country. The students were able to connect how service and patriotism go hand in hand.

They were able to learn about the sacrifices that these men and women made for our county that helped protect our freedoms.

Thanks to all who made this great day possible for our students!

6th Grade Track Meet


100  1st Asia Jones, 2nd Roxie Simpson, 7th Kayla Casey

200  3rd Kayla Casey

400  1st Mia Kindrick

800 3rd Miranda Frederick

Long Jump 1st Roxie Simpson

Soft Ball  1st Peyton Hall, 3rd Parker Dansie

Relay  2nd Asia Jones, Gracie Forbush, Jocelyn Hansbrow, Roxie Simpson


Class Programs


May is such a fun and crazy month! We have had year end testing, track meets, field trips and class programs, just to name a few!

We have such great students here at East Meadows and a great Staff!  Thanks to everyone who helps make our school AWESOME!!!

Macey's School Cents


Thank you Macey's grocery store for giving us a check for $473.43!

If you think that you have already signed up please double check you may have relink your Macey's Perk account to East Meadows again so a portion of your purchase will benefit our school.

Be sure to sign up at Maceys.com/perks/school-cents. If you don't have a Macey's Perks account, you can easily sign up by visiting macey's.com/perks or by visiting any Macey's location.