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Teacher Treasures

Submitted by celeste.gledhill on Fri, 09/25/2015 - 10:40
McEntire (3), Melton (Options), Jolley (1), Bennett (K), Nelson (2), Warenski (2), Moyes (K), Peterson (4)

Ahoy Mateys!  Arrgh school is filled with treasure!  We honored several teachers in our Good As Gold Assembly on Wednesday and found out some fun things about each teacher in the process.

Did you know Mrs. McEntire solves all the world's problems in the middle of the night?  She also loves to each chocolate and read a good book.  When she is tired she bakes...a lot! She is surrounded by her incredible husband and wonderful kids; they make her feel complete!

Mr. Melton loves a lot of things!  He loves to read, loves the Lakers, loves the Angels, and loves chess.  He has 5 daughters and soon 1 son.

If you have a loose tooth, look for Mrs. Jolley...she loves to pull loose teeth! She has had 5 broken bones and several concussions, all from horse related accidents.  If money were no problem, she would travel the world nonstop to see new places and eat new food.  She is also an adrenaline junkie.  She also loves to read food blogs and on Sunday afternoon you will find her baking.

Mrs. Bennett lived in 4 different states growing up and went to 11 different schools.  Her greatest treasure in the world is her family.  She would LOVE to live in Disneyland.  She could sit in a boat all day at Fish Lake and fish or read a book.  And she loves "Sip-N-Ricky's"

Mrs. Nelson loves spending time with her family.  She also loves to read and will often lock herself in the bathroom with a good book.  Technology is her passion and she helps us out at school solving our technology problems and giving us good ideas on how to use it.  Mrs. Nelson loves helping others and will help anyone in need.  And she loves working at East Meadows and working with this great faculty.

Mrs. Warenski is very loyal to her family and friends.  She is also a total night owl.  She loves being outside in a rainstorm.  When she sleeps at night she needs at least 6 pillows, and sometimes even more.  When she is doing something crazy you will find her singing church hymns.  

Mrs. Moyes is a HUGE BYU sports fan.  Her favorite color is turquoise.  She would not be able to live without chocolate.  She loves being outdoors, especially if she can be riding horses.  And she is one proud aunt.

Mrs. Peterson loves to read, and is reading all the time, even if her family doesn't like it.  She LOVES to dress up for Halloween.  She enjoys working with her mother-in-law at East Meadows. (Miss Jean is in the preschool and Mrs. Peterson is her favorite daughter in law.)  She will cheer on BYU if the are NOT playing U of U.  If you want to treat her, she would love a Diet Coke with a Hershey's bar (with and without almonds).