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Mulan Jr. PlayTryouts

Submitted by linda.beck on Thu, 11/02/2017 - 10:21

Dear East Meadows Parents and Students

Auditions will be held after school this Thursday and Friday, Nov 2 and 3.  Anyone in first through sixth grade may audition.  There is paperwork in the office with further directions.  You may pick it up any time the office is open.  If you can't make it to auditions, you may submit a video by Friday to be considered for a lead role.  Anyone that just wants to be in the ensemble, but cannot make it to auditions may still be a part of the play, but must submit all the paperwork.

We are so excited for Mulan Jr. auditions this week. I just wanted to give you a
little more information about the schedule, cast, songs, costumes, participation
fees, and to introduce the directors to you. 

If we get a lot of interest in the play, we will be casting two casts for the play
with one cast practicing on Wednesdays and the other cast practicing on Thursday's.

We feel it's important that everyone gets their chance to shine. 

Here is a list of the speaking parts: 

Loazi, Ancestor (Narrator)                Matchmaker
Yun, Ancestor (Narrator)                Chi Fu (Chinese Bureaucrat)
Hong, Ancestor (Narrator)                Young Xiao, (Villager/Soldier)
Lin, Ancestor (Narrator)                Older Yi (Villager/Ensemble)
Zhang, Ancestor (Narrator)            Shan Yu (Hun Leader)
Fa Zhou, (Mulan’s Father)                Magyer( Hun Soldier)
Fa Li, (Mulan’s Mother)                Subar-TU (Hun Soldier)
Grandmother Fa                    Hun Soldiers (15-20)
Fathers (5-10 Ensemble)                Chen (Soldier)
Mothers (5-10 Ensemble)                Lui (Soldier)    
Daughters (15-20 Ensemble)            Captain Shang
Sons (15-22  Soldiers/Ensemble)        Yao (Soldier)
Mulan                            Quan-Po (Soldier)
Mushu, The Dragon                    Ling (Soldier)
Cricket                             Chinese (Soldiers)
Dressmakers (5)                    Emperor (Ensemble)
Hairdressers (3-5)                    Cheongsam Salesperson
Groomers (3-5)                        

*Here is the code to the plays google classroom. P2dedo you will be invited through email. 
We will have links to songs, snippets of the script and other play related info posted here.

For the monologue and song you may recite anything of your choosing. Please remember to use age appropriate content and choose something that best fits your personality and vocal range. 

Audition Packets- Students will be able to pick up their audition packet in the office or art room.  The packet will include an audition form and a contract. Please read the contract carefully. Both the student and the parent/guardian must sign.  We have made a few changes this year to the contract so please read it carefully. 

Schedule- The schedule is listed on our private blog through google calendars. Once the play is cast we will add you to the google calendar for easy access. 

Costumes- We need all cast members to wear a black shirt either long or short sleeve, black pants and dark shoes and socks. This will be worn under the costumes.  Please try and have clothing that is easy to move in. Leggings, joggers, or slacks are fine.  Levi's are not recommended but will be accepted. We will provide a costume to go over the top of this.  Please contact Ms. Gledhill if you are not able to provide these items. 

Participation Fees- We will have a $35 participation/costume fee. If you would like a T-shirt please add $5 to the $35 participation fee. You will be able to indicate your choice in your audition packet. Participation fees will be due on November 17th. Please speak with Mrs. Gledhill if you are unable to pay the participation fee and we will work with you. 

Directors and Committee- Our goal for this year’s play is for everyone to have fun, to have a stress free environment and enjoy being in Mulan Jr. 

Executive Director and Technical Director Celeste Gledhill- Celeste is the principal at East Meadows Elementary and will be the overall director. Celeste is kind and loving and has a lot of theatrical experience. 

Producer Janell Haskell - Janell is the school’s secretary and our right hand. She is amazing and will be over all finances for the play. 

Director Whitney Hancock - Whitney has a technical background in television and theater. She
is currently the Director for the Spanish Fork Youth Arts Festival, and a mother of 5 awesome children. 

Director & Set designer Amanda Simmons - Amanda is currently the beloved art teacher at East
Meadows Elementary. She has an extensive background in theatre, set design and makeup and is a mother of 4 amazing kids. 

Director Kaitlyn Thacker - Kaitlyn is currently teaching several 4-H clubs at East Meadows Elementary and attending school at UVU. Some of her classes include improv drama, storytelling, and duct tape. She is loved by all who have attended her classes. 

Choreograph Director Devin McCain - Devin loves to dance. She has been the assistant cheer coach at Maple Mountain High School and loves to dance. Devin is a mother to 3 darling girls. 

Music Director Holly Gould - Holly is a veteran music director and has helped in many plays including Aladdin and Peter Pan presented by East Meadows. Holly has a love for music and theatre. Holly is a mother of 4 talented children. 

Directing Consultant Charla Andersen - Charla is a 5th grade teacher with East Meadows Elementary and a valuable asset to our committee. Charla has helped with Peter Pan and Aladdin. She was born to direct. Charla has 3 amazing children. 

As a committee we are always looking for more amazing people to help.  We need 2 volunteers to be our Stage managers. As the stage manager you and your team will be in charge of set changes and getting cast on and off stage. We are looking for two so they can rotate and everyone will get a chance to see the play.