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Lotions, Potions, Slime and Mud Pies!

Submitted by trisha.olsen on Fri, 01/20/2012 - 13:26
Spring 4-H Afterschool Thursday Club Snack Time
Spring 4-H Afterschool Thursday Club Snack Time
Spring 4-H Afterschool-Pledge of Allegiance
Spring 4-H Afterschool-4-H pledge

Lotion, Potions, Slime and Mud Pies!

What is this?  It is one of the many 2012 Spring Semester  4-H Afterschool clubs. In this club students will make lotions, potions, and fun, slimy science projects The spring semester started up the week of January 17.  This semester Kindergarten through sixth grade will be involved.  The clubs for this semester are: Jump Rope,  Works of Art, Line Dancing, Origami, Science, Volleyball, Babysitting, Paper Crafts, Basketball, Cloverbuds, Music and Art, Theatre, Young Artists, Indoor & Outdoor Games, and Lotions, Potions, Slime and Mud Pies.  As you can see we have a variety of clubs for the kids to enjoy. On Monday, April 2 all the club students will get together to participate in a club service project.  A parent showcase will be held on April 3, for all of you wonderful parents to come and see the things your child has been doing.  Please remember to thank their club leader for their time and effort into a great program.  If any one is interested save all those wonderful projects made here at our afterschool clubs and enter them into the Utah County Fair in August.   4-H Afterschool has been very successful here at East Meadows.  Thank you Mrs. Haskell and all the club leaders.  Thank you also to Utah County 4-H.