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East Meadows Elects a Student Council

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 09/08/2010 - 11:33
East Meadows Student Council

Each year, East Meadows elects sixth-grade students to serve on a student council. The student council represents and serves the school in a variety of capacities. They do morning announcements, learn about service-project opportunities the school can get involved in, and come up with ideas to help improve the school. These students will have the opportunity to attend a student-council conference at Brigham Young University. Through this conference and in serving the school, they will get an early start at learning how to be good leaders. Congratulations to this year’s school council.

Colby Hazel, Karter Shaw, Dallin Harding, Amanda Gould, Parker Harrison, Alexis Proctor, Abigail Crandall, Jentri Harris, Talynna Dinehart, Ethan Russell, Sam Hoisington, MacKenzie Wood, Laine Romney, Amanda Olsen, Colby Peterson, Brick Mecham