"3rd grade students use shape and movement to reflect different kinds of simple machines."

This week through the GAINS program (Growing Arts In Nebo Schools), students discovered new ways of learning through dance and movement.  

3rd grade classes learned a "Simple Machines" folk dance and then created their own simple machines using shape and movement.

4th grade teachers each honed in on a specific science topic they teach as part of their science rotations.  Mrs. Cropper taught the water cycle using white scarves that represent water droplets.  Mrs. Lambert used filmy drop cloth along with dance and movement to show different kinds of clouds.  Mrs. Wrathall used movement to teach Rocks and Minerals--believe it or not!!  And Mrs. Johnson brought alive classifications of vertebrates with movement qualities that can reflect their characteristics.  


5th grade used dance to demonstrate qualities of static and current electricity!  One holds its place and the other travels--do you know which is which?  Your 5th grader probably does!


6th grade gave sight to sound as we used a filmy substance and movement to reflect how sound waves work.  


Dance is an excellent way for students to embody their learning.  Studies show that when students move while learning, they retain the information better and longer.  Way to go East Meadows!