4th-Graders Experience Life as a Soldier at Camp Floyd in 1861

Pictures taken by: Glenda Johnson & Katie Lambert
Mrs. Lamberts class making adobe bricks.
Mrs. Lamberts class in a 19th century classroom.
Mrs. Lamberts class dipping candles.
Mrs. Johnson's class reporting for pony express duty.
Mrs. Johnson's class in a 19th century classroom setting.
Mrs. Johnson's class on the shooting range.

Our 4th Grade students had the opportunity to explore Camp Floyd on their field trip on September 14, 2012.  They were able to participate in interactive, hands-on experiences as they engaged in the activities of a soldier at Camp Floyd in 1861. Students heard a first-hand account of life in Johnston's Army by a staff member in period military uniform, viewed musket fire, and experienced the life of a soldier by marching, drilling, making candles and adobe bricks; they raced for the Pony Express, experienced class in a 19th century schoolhouse and viewed the Stagecoach Inn and Camp Floyd Commissary.  Thanks to the teachers and parent volunteers for helping with this fun learning experience.