September 2016

4th Grade Native American Unit

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Our 4th graders have been busy learning about the Native Americans the past few weeks.

They had a guest speaker from the Paiute Indian Tribe. It was very interesting to listen to her, see her native dress and listen to her interesting stories.

The students learned how to weave baskets, make rugs, and they also made a diorama.

The students really enjoyed this unit!

Nursery Rhyme Diorama Day


Our kindergarten classes have been busy making dioramas representing different nursery rhymes. The students had so much and they are so creative! We have the greatest students and teachers at East Meadows!

Box Top Drive

Don't forget to turn in your BOX TOPS this week!

Have your grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends and neighbors save their Box Tops!

This is a great way for our school to earn money!