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August 2016

1st Week of School A Success

Submitted by linda.beck on Mon, 08/29/2016 - 14:45

It was a fun first week of school at East Meadows!

We had Spirit Week and lots of fun activities. We started off with a Jumprope assembly on Tuesday. Wednesday Principal Gledhill and Mrs. Beck went to each classroom and they did an art project which will hang in the front hall of the school. The students participated in field days on Thursday. They dressed in their favorite Olympic sport or a artist, musician or anything else they felt was a strength of theirs.  They played olympic games and had popcicles. On Friday we introduced our "Gold Medal" team of teachers and our theme for the year. "Go For The Gold"  After the students went outside and we had a concert/dance party!

The students loved it! We love East Meadows!!!

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