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July 2014

Changes in the Air!

Submitted by cheryl.mitchell on Tue, 07/29/2014 - 17:13
Celeste Gledhill

As many have already heard, our Principal, Mr. Dwight Liddiard, has been re-assigned to be the new Principal at Spanish Fork Jr. High School starting next school year. We want to thank him for his dedication to the students, staff and PTA at East Meadows and for helping it from its beginnings in 2006 to become the special place it is today.

We want to give a warm welcome to Celeste Gledhill who will be the new Principal of East Meadows starting in August 2014.

With that, here is a little introduction from Celeste Gledhill herself....

Hello! I would like to introduce myself and let you know how excited I am to be assigned as the principal of East Meadows Elementary.

My family moved to Spanish Fork when I was 5 and I have lived in Spanish Fork ever since. My childhood playgound was the fields and orchards where East Meadows is currently built. I have a large extended family that is a large part of my life. To me the people I get to surround myself with make life worthwhile and I can't wait to add all of you to that circle.

I taught in Jordan School District before coming to Nebo, but didn't enjoy the long commute so I looked for employment nearer to home and was hired by Dwight at Larsen Elementary, and then followed him to East Meadows the first year it opened. As the new school year begins, I will be starting my 20th year in education. I have taught 2nd through 6th grade and kindergarten and 1st grade during the summer as part of a migrant summer school. I also worked as a facilitator before my last 6 years as principal of Mapleton Elementary.

I enjoy traveling, running (albeit slowly), reading, playing games, anything crafty, and being with friends and family. To make life a little more interesting I also try to seek out a little adventure.

I believe that school should be a warm and welcoming place where we are partners in your child's education. With all of us working together your children can achieve more. My door will alwyas be open. I am excited to work with you and the wonderful.

Oh, the things you will learn

Submitted by cheryl.mitchell on Thu, 07/24/2014 - 11:58

"Oh, the things you will learn"--Dr. Seuss--THANKS  MR. LIDDIARD!  WE WILL MISS YOU!!

The years have flown by and what a wonderful journey we've had
To see you leave the EM we sure will be sad
You've been a great leader and mentor and pushed us to do the same.
The title "Mr. Liddiard" means much more than a name.
A place has been created and people want to come,
It does not really matter where they are from.
There have been weddings to babies, there have been sad funerals too,
We've lost some great freiends from the East Meadows crew.

--Written by Tracy Warenski and Anna Pugliano

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